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About Us

Our company, which was established in 1990, started to operate in the lace and narrow weaving sector. In 2006, it started to produce lace by establishing a factory with the aim of faster and more original production. As of 2009, it has updated its production process, which started with jacquard mechanical machines as such Krenzler, Karl Mayer, Henry Krenzler and Gustaw Krenzler, to electronic machines.

In 2011, it has expanded its own factory building with 6.500 meters of open area and 3.500 meters of closed area, made entirely for lace production. It has a daily production capacity of 50.000 mt of lace with 150 weaving machines and many additional machines. Our company, which has over 3.000 lace models, also develops its own lace models and produces new original creative models according to our customers' request.

We, together with our 45 employees, have adopted the principle of using recycling facilities to prevent damage to the globe and all living creatures.